If you are still programming in 10 or even 5 years time it will be with either JavaScript or Python.

TipoTapp is low-code and, for much of what you need to build web and mobile systems, a no-code software development platform.

But if you want or need to extend your TipoTapp system, then you can do that using JavaScript, Python, or your choice of 11 other languages.

This is a good thing because, research from one of the world's largest software development forums, StackOverflow, finds Python polls as the largest growing software development platform and JavaScript is the most widely used.

This and other information makes one software teaching professional observe "There are very few programmers under 30 that are willing to learn any languages other than Python and JavaScript."

If you want to find out how to build your own web and mobile systems without code and extend it with JavaScript or Python or any other language, then contact us here at TipoTapp.


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