About Us

Those Who Make Things Happen, 
Those Who Watch Things Happen, and

Those Who Wonder 'What Happened'! 


There are three types of people in the world 

The people of TipoiTapp choose to make things happen.


‘Tipota’ is the Greek word for nothing. With ‘App’ we created TipoTapp. An odd choice of name? Not when you realise that one of the biggest advancements since commoditised cloud computing has been in serverless cloud software architectures.  What serverless means to you is, there are no servers or indeed nothing running unless something is happening. And this has profound effects on scale and the economy of software solutions.


Many existing, well known, and incumbent cloud platform vendors sell pay-per-user SaaS solutions having built them using the same technology architectures that built the cloud. Innovative at the time for cloud IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). However, the same architectures did not truly unlock the value for PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products.


The founders of TipoTapp watched this happening but - rather than wondering why - we chose to make something happen.


TipoTapp’s founders are Murali Siddavatam, Santosh Subbarao, and Paul Armstrong, of Brisban Australia, Visakhapatnam, India, and Wellington New Zealand. All three have significant past experience in building software products and delivering software services. Having cut their teeth on major mission-critical software projects, at TipoTapp we talk about the innovation which good quality software technology can bring our clients. We prise the combination of these characteristics (innovation, technology and quality) because we know that not only do our customers want this they demand it for their own mission-critical needs.  


At TipoTapp we are asked often about, but think nothing of, being geographically spread. The leverage we get from the being diverse. Diverse in time zones, experiences, relationships, culture, education and thinking . We value the diversity of our people and locations beyond an otherwise mono-culturally and single geographical company.


While we are diverse we share common values. We are not afraid to say that we prise love as a quality of leadership. And we use our ability to inspire each another to enable us to do more. We structure our work habits inside of agile rituals and processes as the way to get things done faster. This is because we know that this is the best way beyond leadershp to empower and value the innovative collaborative input our people bring.


Beyond the founders, but like our founders, we have an enthusiastic cross-functional team of expert people. As diverse as our founders. We look to leverage their own experiences and skills but also to grow them.


Using agile software practices and our built-in quality processes, we are also TipoTapp the services company.  Thus, leveraging our skills in agile software development, cloud, and not to mention TipoTapp, we can accelerate our client's ambitions even faster.


Bringin all of this together we aim to deliver faster and better and without limits. We want to make things happen!